About Us


DigiExt is a Ghanaian technology company.

We are committed to a profound and sustainable development of African agriculture, and aim to challenge the way technologies are provided to small-scale farmers. Through our capabilities, we believe we can assist Farm Cooperatives to develop agribusiness value chain with a sustainable farm to processed product. Our company is founded by Ghananians based in Nigeria, Ghana and the United States, including the Silicon Valley. US-based members travel to Ghana and Nigeria frequently.


We provide low-cost and convenient ICT-enabled agriculture extension, which uses data gathering by satellites and drones, weather information and soil sensors as well as other data driven farming practices to disseminate relevant production information to smallholder farmers at the right time in a cost-effective manner. Our innovation is user-friendly, with local linguistics technology and creative direction with local procedures, which eliminates smallholder farmer's barriers in using advanced technology, and keeps local procedures on the front-end, through interactive local voice-enabled interface.
We also have a digital marketplace for quality agricultural produce, consultants and advanced match-making algorithms to pair farmers with export/food processing companies.
Our recent innovation is to enrich local market by graduating them from over dependence on raw material sales to much processed paper products. This will help stabilize market volatility.


With our outstanding and distinguished experts, with experience in global markets from relevant industries, we approach agribusiness from an interdisciplinary perspective,which results in superior hybrid products. These experts cut across the interaction between System and Software Developmnt, Finance and Agricultural Development.

Our Team

Management & Board

Diagram of Organizational Chart

Digiext's management and board brings together a broad range of expertise that innovates and creates sustainable modern and effective solutions that advances farmers' livelihoods.


Isaac Osei

Cofounder & CTO LinkedIn

Richmond Duvor

Co-Founder & CEO LinkedIn

Babatunde Adeleye

Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer LinkedIn

Shotaro Yatsu

Lead Agricultural Technologist & COO LinkedIn

Mohammed Farah

Business Intelligence Continental Strategic Growth Partner, East Africa LinkedIn

Kwame Obeng Adjinah

Continental Manager & Strategic Growth LinkedIn

Prof Kwabena A. Anaman

Distinguished Lead Agricultural Scientist LinkedIn

Fadoul Zakaria Fadoul

Director,Strategic Growth in Central Africa LinkedIn

Advisory Board

Experienced Advisors

Richard Chowning

Advisory Board Chairman LinkedIn

David Asare Asiamah

Advisory Board Member LinkedIn

Lucy Akua Kyerede Quainoo

Advisory Board Member LinkedIn